Owner: Wonderful Sport Horses - Violet Jen (408) 803-0888
Montserrat Black Brown, Star, 4 socks 02-09-1996 16.3  hands
Performance tested: 2000 Adelheidsdorf 
117.32 (8/45)

 Stud Fee (frozen semen): 
$888 for 3 doses permitted for 3 foals

Fresh Semen LFG available

EVA Negative

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Metternich Matcho x Pancho II Nithard
Anisette III
Timab de Fondel Karikal IV
Mabri de Fondel
Pinzessin E. Pik Koenig Pik As
Ellinor Ernoe
SPS Andorra Abajo xx Chief xx  
Anima xx  
Lotosblume Lungau  


Montserrat is by Metternich, publicly known as the best son by Matcho x.  Metternich is extremely versatile for both Dressage and Jumping, and prepotent to pass down the traits.  Montserrat's half brother Multistar, was the Reserve Champion at his stallion licensing in 1999, demonstrating the multi-talents in this line.  Montserrat's dam-sire Abajo is also the dam-sire of Verden Licensing Champion William's Gold and approved stallion Pik L, now standing in the US and Pan Am Game competitor.


Montserrat is the Champion at his stallion licensing in Adelheidsdorf.   In the same performance test group, even with 5 points deduction because he was started late, Montserrat beat his Verden Licensing Reserve Champion brother Multistar.  He also scored higher than two other popular stallions that currently stand in the US, and two other stallions taken by Celle State Stud that year.  Only 3 years after his licensing, he is already schooled to S level dressage by a young trainer, Joerg Dietrich.


Montserrat has a strong frame; he is leggy yet very compactly coupled overall.  He has an expressive face with soft eyes. His specific conformation strengths include his big sloping shoulder, good saddle position, and long forearms, strong gaskins and well formed and low set hocks.  All of them are the TB/AA traits desired by the WB breed associations.  He will be very suitable to cross with warmbloods as well as Thoroughbreds to add/or preserve movements and produce modern type dressage horses.  We consider him a superb outcross choice for D-/F-/R-/W-lines for dressage. Because of his jumping talent, we expect him to produce hunter/jumper babies as well.

His gaits are correct, cadenced, and very uphill, making him very easy to sit even though the movements are lofty and powerful; he scored 9 on trot (video at age 5).   He scored 9 on his temperament, and is soft and sensitive; his amateur owner can ride him without any effort even at the very first time (see pictures).


Reference siblings:

  1. Mambo No. 5 - 5-year-old gelding, PSI auction horse sold for 1,100,000 Dmarks.  Competing and ranked highly at FEI level in 2004. See PSI auction video.
  2. Marbach State Stud stallion Metteur (Metternich X Pik Bube, registered Hanoverian.)
  3. Hanoverian State Stud Stallion Montesquieu (Metternich X Weltmeyer)
  4. Multistar - Reserve Champion at Verden licensing.  Scored way ahead of well known stallions Diamond Hit and Fuerst Piccolo at Zwolle International Stallion show.
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